The Journal "New research" (in Russian)

The Journal «New research» - is an interdisciplinary edition, dedication to the complex scientific study of the problems of childhood.
The Journal presents the results of recent research in the field of developmental physiology, morphology, biochemistry, psychophysiology, anthropology, physical education, and health studies.
The Journal «New research» publishes articles on studies held on children and animals.

The Journal «New Research» is published since 2001, four times a year.
Certificate of registration in the media:
№ 77-13217, July 29, 2002.


Bezrukhih M.M. 
Deputy Editor-in-Chief:
Son'kin V.D. 
Editorial council:   
Dogadina S.B., Candidate of Biological Sciences
(executive secretary) 
Krivolapchuk I.A., Doctor of Biological Sciences
Adamovskaya O.N., Candidate of Biological Sciences
Kurganskiy A.V., Candidate of Biological Sciences
Machinskaya R.I., Doctor of Biological Sciences
Paranitcheva T.M., Candidate of Biological Sciences
Selverova N.B., Doctor of Medical Sciences
Filippova T.A., Candidate of Biological Sciences
Shumeiko N.S., Candidate of Biological Sciences
Bezobrazova V.N., Candidate of Biological Sciences

Editorial board:  
Baranov A.A., Doctor of Medical Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Bezrukhih M.M., Doctor of Biological Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Education
Farber D.A., Doctor of Biological Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Education
Tambovtseva R.V., Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor
Makeeva A.G., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
Polianskaya N.V., Candidate of Medical Sciences
Rubleva L.V., Candidate of Biological Sciences
Ribakov V.P., Doctor of Medical Sciences
Sokolov E.V., Candidate of Biological Sciences
Krivolapchuk I.A., Doctor of Biological Sciences


The Journal «New Research», publishes reviewed articles on all fields of developmental physiology, morphology, school hygiene and physical education of children and teenagers.

When submitting an article, please follow the recommended instructions:

  1. The Title Page contains the title, author's name, second name, and surname, affiliate, contacts, preferably e-mail.
  2. Article length: There should be no more then 24 pages of general theoretical-experimental work and reviews; no more then 18 pages of experimental work; and no more then 4-5 pages of short messages and methodology.
  3. The usual format for the experimental paper is the following: • Short introduction • Research methods • Research results and their discussion • Conclusions • Bibliography • Tables (no more then 3 per article) are inscribed in the text
  4. No more then 4 illustrations can be used in an article. The illustrations are inscribed in the text.
  5. The article should conclude with a list of papers and books cited in the text. The Citation is done using figures in square brackets. The order of reference is strictly alphabetical.
  6. The abstract should include key words and be written in English and in Russian. The limit of 10 lines is imposed.
  7. The manuscripts should be submitted in paper and electronically. The text is to be formatted in 14 point Times New Roman, line spacing 1.5. The margins are: 2.5 cm above, 2.0 cm below, 3.0 cm left, 1.5 cm right.
  8. The editorial commission has the right to shorten and correct the manuscripts. Manuscripts that were not accepted for publication are not given back to the authors. The returned manuscript should be edited according to the review within 2 months. The second edition of the article should be returned with an enclosed copy of the first one.

Review rules:

  1. All the articles are necessarily reviewed by an anonymous reviewer, assigned by the Editorial board of the Journal. Articles presented by the full members and the corresponding members of the Russian academy of Education and Russian Academy of Science are not reviewed. All reviews are kept for 5 years.
  2. Reviewing of the manuscripts is done by the members of the Editorial board, the Editorial council and other topic specialists, including those of the adjacent fields. The reviewer is assigned by the executive secretary together with the Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Review example is enclosed.
  3. The editors send copies of reviews or the reasoned refusal to the authors. The editors commit to send review copies to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, if required.
  4. Reviewed manuscripts are sent back to the authors, are edited and reviewed again. Articles that do not pass are declined.

The manuscripts are to be sent to:
Executive Secretary of the Journal “New Research” S.B.Dogadkina (room 32),
University of Developmental Physiology of the Russian Academy of Education,
Pogodinskaya str. 8, building 2, Moscow, Russia, 119121.
Phone/fax: (495)245-04-33, phone: 708-36-83; E-mail: